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Google I/O Extended
Loosemore Auditorium
May 17th
8am - 5pm
Our event is approaching and there's a couple of things you should consider!
Background ri Schedule We live-stream the Google I/O Keynote and fill the rest of your day with live presentations from local and regional speakers spanning design, development, and local start-ups. Event Schedule
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Here's a preview for our upcoming speakers at our Google I/O Extended event
Feeding a Hungry City: The Future of Eco-Friendly Mobile Food
James Meeks
James Meeks, President & CEO MOVE Systems
All Your Server are Belong to /dev/null: Google Cloud Functions Beta
Dustin Clifford
Dustin Clifford, Bravo LT
Adrian Pavelescu
Adrian Pavelescu, Bravo LT
"Adapt" or Perish: Developing Responsive e-Learning
Craig Ostergren
Craig Ostergren, Bravo LT
Bethany Daniels
Bethany Daniels, Herman Miller
Intro to Angular 2/4+ with Spring Boot
Kotlin: Uncovered
Brian Scott
Victoria Gonda @TTGonda, Collective Idea
Application Design Patterns for Droids
Josh Kovach
Josh Kovach @shekibobo, Collective Idea
Docker Basics: What is Docker? Why use Docker?
Chad Van Klompenburg
Chad Van Klompenburg
Angular From the Trenches
Dave Schoutens
Dave Schoutens, Bravo LT
Complete the Experience: Building physical hardware (or 'IoT') products using Android
Matthew Seeley
Matthew Seeley
Agile Android
Godfrey Nolan
Godfrey Nolan, RIIS Founder
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